Indoor Outdoor Swimming Pool Project Video Overview

My indoor outdoor swimming pool has been an interesting project to see unfold under the supervision of my frugal, creative, engineer husband. It is basically finished now, so I put together a video overview. I think it is amazing to see it all in faster sequence and remember all the problem solving. There will still be work on this and that, like the cement bench to go around the edge of the pool (covering the insulation space), the retaining wall at the back, and putting in new lawn where it was destroyed by heavy equipment. But all the things that make swimming possible and most enjoyable are taken care of. Hopefully, it will inspire someone else’s dream. Don’t forget that you can find all the details by searching for “swimming pool project” in the sidebar, or looking under the menu heading of Fun Fitness After 50, or in the tag cloud at the bottom of this page  under “swimming pool project.” If you can’t find something in particular, please leave a comment or email me!