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Vibrams on Asphalt

This morning I successfully ran 2 miles on asphalt in my KSO Vibrams.  It was 39 degrees Farenheit, which in my book is still too cold for straight barefoot.  However, I have improved greatly on my barefoot form, concentrating on the foot moving in a springy motion rather vertically at the beginning and end of […]

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The Barefoot Mile

I have felt like I was banging my head against a wall trying to increase my running distance more than a mile or decrease my time for a mile.  The running portion of the mini-triathlon next October is a measly 1 and 1/2 mile, but it seemed this final leg of the race was going […]

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Scary Pink

Some people are concerned about what they look like when they exert themselves.  It can be embarrassing.  For instance, my face turns a deep, dark pink no matter how regularly I’ve been working out.  I also have a responsive cooling system, so I get rather shiny.  As I get absorbed in my activity, strange noises […]

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The Track versus The Treadmill

I have enjoyed running since I could walk.  I seemed to be naturally fast among my peers and won a variety of sprinting races during my school years, but I never had much particular training, other than strength training obtained from back-packing with my family or carrying 5 gallon buckets of cucumbers while working on […]

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Exercising the Children

Greg likes to exercise the children.  This is how he did it today.  First, he took Ben and Jesse riding up Yangmingshan Mountain for about an hour – it took less time to get down. I’m told this picture was taken about half way up. This is higher: Here’s Greg with Ben – Here is […]

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