Why Does Grandma Run Barefoot

why-does-grandma-run-barefoot-blog-photoLearning to run barefoot has been one of the most important decisions I have made for my health. When I am out running, I am often asked why and how I can do this. In my new book, Why Does Grandma Run Barefoot, I answer these questions in a fun and helpful way. Like I say on the back cover:

Bare feet are the original, fully functional way to biped around town. The idea that feet always need super support and protection is a well advertised and detrimental myth. If you want to move with more joy, better balance, and more efficiency, you need to find out why Grandma runs barefoot!

There are 3 versions of the book available, a kindle ebook (for $4.99), a higher quality paper colored photo paperback (for $18.99), and a black and white paperback ($7.99). Kindle matchbook has been set up for both paperback versions, so that if you buy one of those first, the kindle ebook is available for only 99 cents.

Let me tell you some stories and challenge the status quo about shoes in Why Does Grandma Run Barefoot. You will never look at your feet the same again!