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Why You Should Give Up Weighing Yourself

Too many people are overly concerned about how much they weigh. Somewhere along the way, the idea took root that weight is an important and reliable indicator of health. I disagree that this is valid for most people. There are too many other factors that are much more important than some fashionable or statistically questionable […]

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Simple Nutrition for the Barefoot Runner is Based on a Solid World View

Possibly you wonder if there are nutritional principles specific to the barefoot runner.  People do come up with interesting questions sometimes, like, “Do you need to eat a certain way to get the soles of your feet to toughen up?” or “Do you burn more calories because your feet are always exposed?”  The answer to […]

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No Ice Cream For 7 Days and Counting

My friends and family understand the significance and hardship of this.  I inherited a love of ice cream from my mother’s father.  Grandpa ate it everyday.  He always had multiple flavors in his freezer, even though he was very strict about his budget in other ways due to living through the Great Depression.  However, ice […]

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