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Un Snorkeling to Make Underwater Ocean Observation More Enjoyable

Discovering Un snorkeling is one of the great benefits of all the swimming in my Fastlane current generated water has been. I wasn’t sure how to spell it. It might be technically better to write “un-snorkeling.” I think the hyphen helps with word recognition. Regardless, you are probably wondering what un-snorkeling is. Un-snorkeling is like […]

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My Best Wireless Sports Earbuds

I had avoided going wireless with earbuds because, frankly, setting it up overwhelmed me. But between the plugged-in earbud cord regularly getting stuck on something I was working with or walking by and improvements in wireless options, I made the switch. I am happy I did. My first pair of wireless earbuds were from Costco, and […]

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Best Barefoot Runners Gear – Earbud Headphones with Memory Wire

One surprising thing about running barefoot has been the lack of need or desire to constantly have distraction while running. The sensory input from the feet is often either soothing or needs attention. Running form is best learned and solidified (which simply takes time and miles) without a lot of other rhythmic interference. However, there are times […]

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