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Habit Breakers and Makers

I have known for a long time that motivation must result in good habits to be most effective. We can only get so much energy from a pep talk. The inspiration of goals will fade without something steady to help us through the sometimes less than glamorous day in and day out of follow-through. The […]

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Improving Swim Stroke After Age 50 Using Swim Speed Secrets by Sheila Taormina – Part 1

Having never been a competitive swimmer, I don’t have the discouragement of feeling like I’ve already reached my peak with swimming.  Maybe I’ve already passed my optimum age for fullest potential compared to others, but I have not given up on personal goals and the enjoyment that comes with getting better at something.  Hence, I […]

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Time Efficient Triathlon Training Book Review

Time-Saving Training for Multisport Athletes, by Rick Niles, is my favorite triathlon training book.  Indeed, it would be excellent to read for understanding training in any sport, but especially for the three it covers for triathlons:  swimming, biking, and running. Information is concise, yet distinctly descriptive. The book’s page count and size is on the […]

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