The Track versus The Treadmill

I have enjoyed running since I could walk.  I seemed to be naturally fast among my peers and won a variety of sprinting races during my school years, but I never had much particular training, other than strength training obtained from back-packing with my family or carrying 5 gallon buckets of cucumbers while working on […]

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No Ice Cream For 7 Days and Counting

My friends and family understand the significance and hardship of this.  I inherited a love of ice cream from my mother’s father.  Grandpa ate it everyday.  He always had multiple flavors in his freezer, even though he was very strict about his budget in other ways due to living through the Great Depression.  However, ice […]

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Exercising the Children

Greg likes to exercise the children.  This is how he did it today.  First, he took Ben and Jesse riding up Yangmingshan Mountain for about an hour – it took less time to get down. I’m told this picture was taken about half way up. This is higher: Here’s Greg with Ben – Here is […]

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