30 Miles on the Wood River Trail

Last Saturday my husband and I rode bikes for 30 miles in about 2 and 1/2 hours on the Wood River Trail in the Sun Valley area of Idaho.  It was an invigorating way to spend our 28th wedding anniversary, as well as keep up training for  the upcoming mini triathlon. It is apparently a […]

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A Six Year Old Angel

My broken toe has slowed down my barefoot running and mini-triathlon training.  Actually, I won’t be running for a couple more weeks and it has already been a month.   It’s been a little discouraging after building up and feeling like I had a good start, but I haven’t given up.  However, the rest must be […]

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Vibrams on Asphalt

This morning I successfully ran 2 miles on asphalt in my KSO Vibrams.  It was 39 degrees Farenheit, which in my book is still too cold for straight barefoot.  However, I have improved greatly on my barefoot form, concentrating on the foot moving in a springy motion rather vertically at the beginning and end of […]

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Accidentally Advanced

Last weekend’s cross country skiing was invigorating. It began with our second lesson. Once the instructors had divided us up into groups again, the advanced group took off down the trail. My intermediate-group instructor told us to go ahead and get into the tracks and start moving, so I did. I moved along a bit, […]

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The Barefoot Mile

I have felt like I was banging my head against a wall trying to increase my running distance more than a mile or decrease my time for a mile.  The running portion of the mini-triathlon next October is a measly 1 and 1/2 mile, but it seemed this final leg of the race was going […]

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Scary Pink

Some people are concerned about what they look like when they exert themselves.  It can be embarrassing.  For instance, my face turns a deep, dark pink no matter how regularly I’ve been working out.  I also have a responsive cooling system, so I get rather shiny.  As I get absorbed in my activity, strange noises […]

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I Almost Walked the Dog Today

I have been relieved to learn that I should only isotonically work each of the muscle groups twice a week.  That means weight lifting.  It also points to the wisdom of having a varied exercise routine for aerobic goals.  That way the muscles have time to respond in a healthy way to the stress that […]

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