My Epic 10 Mile Run Along the Snake River via Laughlin Lane

Why was my 10 mile run along the Snake River epic? Because I did it by myself. Plus, I didn’t get lost and I didn’t get hurt. I did wear my minimalist Sockwas for about 80% of the run. I don’t use words like epic very often, but I am very pleased with this accomplishment!

My Epic 10 Mile Run Along the Snake River

My husband has taken me out to hike and run in the Snake River wilderness area a number of times over the last 5 years. I haven’t always gone willingly. I like things to be predictable. I usually get lost, but he has patiently persisted in helping me to learn how to keep track of my surroundings. Of course, knowing which way to follow the river helps a lot.

On a whim, I started taking video of the run, adding commentary about the terrain and my various decisions. I couldn’t take as much footage on the return, since I was running out of battery, but other than it being the second half of a 10 mile run, it all looked the same, haha. I only got slightly misdirected once, but I think I went less than a tenth of a mile out of my way.

I keep working on my barefoot abilities, but as I explain in my book, Why Does Grandma Run Barefoot, it is not about being tough or proving anything. It is about doing what is right for me on my own barefoot journey. This run shows I am making progress on more than one level.

To get to Laughlin Lane, go south out of Nampa on Highway 45, past Melba Road. You will find Ferry Road on the left right before you cross the Snake River. Turn left (the only way you can) and proceed about one half mile to Laughlin Lane. It is farmland and the road is gravel. You could run from there, but it is a couple of miles of sharp gravel. We parked where the wide gravel road turned into the more 4-wheel necessary terrain that you see on the video. You can get to that particular section of path/road from the road to Celebration Park, too.