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Un Snorkeling to Make Underwater Ocean Observation More Enjoyable

Discovering Un snorkeling is one of the great benefits of all the swimming in my Fastlane current generated water has been. I wasn’t sure how to spell it. It might be technically better to write “un-snorkeling.” I think the hyphen helps with word recognition. Regardless, you are probably wondering what un-snorkeling is. Un-snorkeling is like […]

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Who Was That Woman in the Leopard Print Full Body Swim Suit at the Emmett Sprint Triathlon 2013

The crowd gasped as my leopard-spotted form burst up out of the water of Black Canyon Reservoir. I had just finished the most comfortable triathlon swim of my 4 sprint triathlon career, and I felt like shaking my psuedo fur in a display of triumph, but the race had really only just begun. I needed […]

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27 28 29 Combination for a Happy Triathlon and Anniversary weekend

(Us after we finished on Saturday, photo by Greg) On August 27th, we celebrated August 28th, which was our 29th wedding anniversary, by completing the Lake Cascade Sprint Triathlon.  The weekend was off to a rousing start as I picked up my husband from the Boise airport after a two weeks for him in Shanghai […]

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