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Where to Go Running Barefoot and Dancing in Palm Springs

Part One – Running Barefoot I had expected a resort town with a reputation such as Palm Springs has to have a more developed system of walking or biking paths. However, neither visual reconnaissance or internet search revealed anything other than sidewalks designated as such pathways. Doing an internet search specifically for running routes showed […]

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Why You Should Give Up Weighing Yourself

Too many people are overly concerned about how much they weigh. Somewhere along the way, the idea took root that weight is an important and reliable indicator of health. I disagree that this is valid for most people. There are too many other factors that are much more important than some fashionable or statistically questionable […]

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How Positive Vocabulary Can Help Build Your Aerobic Endurance Base

The words you use to discuss something, even if it is just with yourself, can have significant influence on attitude, motivation, and results. Too often the vocabulary used when speaking of building an aerobic endurance base is limited to the concepts of slow and fast. In the running world, and any other sport where participation […]

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Dealing With Exercise Induced Muscle Soreness

By specifying exercise induced muscle soreness, I mean muscular discomfort or pain that is not due to injury or disease, but is rather from proper use of the muscles to a greater effort than they are accustomed to. Some people say that such soreness is because of injury or breakdown of the muscles because of […]

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