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My Best Wireless Sports Earbuds

I had avoided going wireless with earbuds because, frankly, setting it up overwhelmed me. But between the plugged-in earbud cord regularly getting stuck on something I was working with or walking by and improvements in wireless options, I made the switch. I am happy I did. My first pair of wireless earbuds were from Costco, and […]

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Running Barefoot in Hot Weather

Hot is to some extent a subjective term. Something can feel quite hot if you are enough colder than it, to the point of pain, and still not rate as dangerously hot on an objective temperature scale. Hot can seem hotter because you are tired or thirsty. You might feel the same heat with greater […]

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How Running Barefoot Helps Me Manage Injuries

Barefoot runners tend to keep quiet about their injuries around shod runners, because somehow every challenge is blamed on not wearing shoes. Never mind that shoes are strongly implicated in everything from blisters to knee pain, if a barefoot runner mentions any problems, people in shoes feel justified in an “I told you so” response. […]

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