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Un Snorkeling to Make Underwater Ocean Observation More Enjoyable

Discovering Un snorkeling is one of the great benefits of all the swimming in my Fastlane current generated water has been. I wasn’t sure how to spell it. It might be technically better to write “un-snorkeling.” I think the hyphen helps with word recognition. Regardless, you are probably wondering what un-snorkeling is. Un-snorkeling is like […]

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Where to Run Barefoot in Cozumel

There is a very nice stretch of path to run, walk, or bike from the El Cozumeleno Beach Resort to the town of San Miguel. It doesn’t necessarily look like a path right in front of the hotels, but judging by how it transitions from path to hotel driveway, that was the idea. According to […]

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That Fun Fitness After 50 Ab Workout

My ab workout the last couple of years has mostly been whatever side benefits those muscles got from gardening, dancing, swimming, or maintaining posture. I don’t think running or biking do much to specifically engage those muscles. I know I do some intense waist exercises while dancing, but that is only 1 – 2 times […]

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Habit Breakers and Makers

I have known for a long time that motivation must result in good habits to be most effective. We can only get so much energy from a pep talk. The inspiration of goals will fade without something steady to help us through the sometimes less than glamorous day in and day out of follow-through. The […]

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